HP Touchpad running on Android is up for grabs for the highest bidder on eBay

With the HP Touchpad sold out everywhere, everyone has been wondering if this Webos-powered tablet can run on Android OS. A team of Android developers took on the task to install Android on the Touchpad and call their project “TouchDroid.”While they’re working hard to accomplish this hard task, some lucky YouTube user ‘singhaldallas‘ has been lucky enough to get his hands on a Touchpad running Android 2.2.1 (bought from Best Buy) and actually ran a benchmark test on his latest video but cut it right at the end before we can see the results (video below).

singhaldallas has decided to cash in on his $99 tablet on eBay. He currently has it listed as an auction which is currently at $610 with two days and twenty one hours left as of 4:05 am EST. We don’t understand why he wouldn’t just go for the $2150 bounty. Although it may seem fake, we don’t see how this individual will have the “balls” to actually list his Android Touchpad on eBay knowingly that it is fake. Folks who want to bid shouldn’t get worried because of eBay’s Buyers Protection which will give them their money back in the case of false item description.

If you like to give it a shot, you can head to eBay and try your luck. Who knows how high it will go up to??

via eBay
Thanks Joe