How to: Root the Motorola Droid X2

Less than 24 hours after its release, the Motorola Droid X2 has already been rooted. Root was achieved with Gingerbreak, the popular rooting application that is used to root Gingerbread (Android 2.3) phones. Although the Droid X2 doesn’t come running Gingerbread, it is possible for GingerBreak to be used to gain root on certain Froyo and Honeycomb devices.

If you have a DX2 and would like to gain root, give GingerBreak a shot. Download link and instructions are below.

How to root the Motorola Droid X2

Note: You must have an SD card inserted in your phone (most people do)

  • Turn on USB debugging on your DX2
  • Download and install Gingerbreak1.2.apk
  • Open the app and press the Root button
  • Wait a few minutes for root to be obtained. Once you have root, your device will automatically restart. This process can take 10 minutes.

WARNING: There’s a possibility that GingerBreak formats your SD card. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but there’s a chance. Read up on the bugs on this XDA Forum thread.

Let us know how GingerBreak works on getting root access on your Droid X2. Leave a comment below.

via Droid-Life