How to enable Push to Talk on the Casio G’Zone Commando

Verizon and Casio added free Push to Talk to the Casio G’ZONE Commando after the last update. Push to Talk allows you to quickly communicate with other people who have the Push to Talk feature enabled on their phones, walkie talkie style.

Before you can start using Push to Talk on your Casio G’ZONE Commando, you will have to enable the feature on your account, which is available to you free of charge.

How to enable Push to Talk on the Casio G’ZONE Commando

  1. Make sure that your G’ZONE Commando received the latest system update.
  2. Add the Push to Talk feature code to your Verizon Wireless account: If you’re a business customer, do so by logging into your My Business Account or your Verizon Enterprise Center or by calling 800-VZW-4BIZ.
    If you’re a consumer, add the PTT feature by logging into MY Verizon or by calling 800-2-JOIN-IN.
  3. Once you’ve added the Push to Talk feature to your account, you are ready to use the feature on your Casio G’ZONE Commando.
  4. To start using PTT, simply launch the Push to Talk app from within the Apps tab and enable Push to Talk by pressing “OK”. Enabling PTT will automatically change the side key on the Commando to the Push to Talk key.
  5. Enjoy the new feature!