Google’s Nexus 7 to ship between July 12-17, according to Staples

The Nexus 7 tablet was announced at Google I/O and many of you, including myself, have pre-ordered it without knowing when it will exactly launch during the month of July. That has changed because according to Staples’s listing of the tablet, the Nexus 7 will arrive to those who reserved it through their site “no earlier than July 13.” The orders placed before July 10 will ship between July 12 and July 17.

The fact that the description mentions that the tablet won’t hit customers no earlier than the 13th could mean that next Friday is the official launch date or some type of embargo that Google has imposed on retailers. And if you worried about the $25 Google Play credit, rest assured that you will get it.

Are you getting yours from Staples?

via Staples