Google Wallet usage doubles since allowing any card to be used with the service

One of the drawbacks of Google Wallet when it first launched was that it could only be used with two cards: a CITI Master Card or a pre-funded Google Prepaid card. Since many people didn’t have the required CITI MasterCard, the Google Prepaid card was pretty much the only option for me.

While using the prepaid card worked, extra steps needed to be taken prior to using it. You had to fund the card, make sure you had a enough money, etc.

A few weeks ago, Google released an update to Google Wallet that allowed the mobile payment system to be used with any card. It looks like things are looking good for Google and Wallet since they implemented this new “any card” update.

In a blog post on their Commerce blog, Google announced that usage of Google Wallet more than doubled since the new version of Wallet with support for all credit and debit cards was released.

It’s easy to see why many people are using the service now; the prepaid card is out of the equation. As a matter of fact, Google is going to be discontinuing their prepaid card on October 17.

Although the blog post briefly states the usage statistics, the main purpose of the post was to encourage card issuers to take some small steps to ensure that their customers have a great experience with Google Wallet.

These small steps include providing card art to Google so that when customers add their card, it looks just like their physical card. Another feature Google is asking card issuers to do is to use the Save to Wallet API so that credit card customers could instantly add their credit cards to Google Wallet directly from the credit card’s account online website.

Let us know if you’ve been using Google Wallet more frequently now that Google allows all credit and debit cards to be used.

Source: Google Commerce