Google to start offering $10, $25 gift cards in a store near you; here is how to redeem them

It looks like Google is getting ready to start offering Play Store gift cards in retail location such as Target, Best Buy and others. Soon, you will start seeing them next to those iTunes and Kindle cards. The folks at Android Central were able to get their hands on snapshots of $10, $25 Google gift cards which I think look really nice.

A lucky Target employee was able to snag a gift card and shared the code with the folks Android Police who were able to redeem it. Here how they did it:

  • Email yourself this URL:
  • Click Enter
  • Pick “Play Store” when the “complete action using” window pop up
  • Enter the gift card code

That wasn’t too bad, right? So far, only the U.S. market is going to have first dibs at the Google gift cards. Users in other countries will have to wait it out for a bit. Let us know if you were able to score one these by dropping a comment below.

via Android Police | AC