Google to discontinue Google Wallet Prepaid cards on October 17

Say goodbye to your Google Wallet prepaid cards. On October 17, the prepaid cards that were initially offered by Google when Google Wallet launched will no longer available.

Google made the announcement today via an email that was sent out to all pre-paid card members who use Google Wallet. According to Google, there’s no need for the prepaid card anymore since Google Wallet now works with any credit card.

Initially, prepaid cards on Google Wallet were offered because the service only worked with one credit card, the Citi MasterCard. Those who didn’t have a Citi MasterCard were forced to use a prepaid card that they funded using a credit card of their choice.

Here’s how things will work. Starting on September 17, you will no longer be able to fund your Google Prepaid card or add a new prepaid card on your device. If you happen to reset your Google Wallet after September 17, you won’t be able to add a new pre-paid card either.

On October 17, all Google Prepaid cards will magically disappear from Google Wallet apps all over the U.S. If you had any balance in your prepaid card, it will magically disappear, too. But don’t worry about losing the money you had in there because you will be able to request a refund.

So, if you rely on your Google Prepaid card to make purchases using Google Wallet, it might be time to add another credit card to your account. If you don’t you’ll be stuck without a way to pay the next time you pull out your phone to make a payment.

While some might be upset by the decision by Google, it makes sense. Initially, prepaid cards were offered because Google Wallet didn’t work with every single credit card out there. Now that it works the way it should work, it makes sense for them to not offer prepaid cards anymore.

If you haven’t already, start using up that balance or get ready to request a refund once your card revoked on October 17.

Source: Google