Google Q3 2011 earnings: $9.72 billion in revenue, $2.73 billion in net income

Google had their Q3 earnings report call earlier today, and as usual, revealed some very interesting things. Unfortunately, not very much was said regarding Android. Let’s take a look at some of the data from today’s call.

Q3 Earnings

During the third quarter of 2011, Google made a lot of money. In total, $9.72 billion was generated in revenue during the quarter, a 33 percent increase from the same period last year. Net income was $2.73 billion, a 25% increase from Q3 2010.

As always, the majority of Google’s income came from Ad sales, which is primarily what the search giant does to make money and offer free services to the masses.

Google Plus

In regards to Google Plus, Larry Page, CEO of Google dropped some pretty interesting numbers. The newly launched social network now has over 40 million users and over 3.4 billion pictures have been uploaded since its launch a few months ago.

While 40 million users might sound like a great number, how many of those 40 million are actual active users? That number, unfortunately, wasn’t revealed. I still feel like Google Plus could have had more people now if only Google had properly launched the service by making it available to anyone and everyone from day one. The closed beta invite-only system that they launched with could be the reason the service only has 40 million users today.


In regards to Android, CEO Larry Page had this to say about Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of Android:

“I’m super excited about the soon to be released new version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s right, Ice Cream Sandwich. You don’t believe what we’ve managed to get done in this release,”

Ice Cream Sandwich is the next version of the Android OS. It is going to be unveilled on October 19 in Hong Kong.

In addition to being excited about Ice Cream Sandwich, we also learned that there are now over 190 million active Android devices in over 130 countries. Just 3 months ago, that number was at 135 million.

Some things were also said about the all the patent issues that is currently going on. Larry Page sees Android partners and ecosystem growing hugely, and he believes that companies that are using patents to try and slow down Android will ultimately alienate their own customers.

If you missed the earnings call, it should be up in a few days at

Source: Google Investor Relations

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