Google Q1 2012 financial report: $10.65 billion in revenues, $2.89 billion in net income

Yesterday, Google released its Q1 earnings reports, and by all means, the numbers look very good. The search and advertising giant earned $10.65 billion in revenues during the first quarter of the year; a 24% increase over the same time period in 2011. Net income was also up from the same period last year. During Q2 2012, Google had a net income of $2.89 billion compared to $1.80 billion during Q1 2011.

Overall, the quarter was a good quarter for Google. In addition to making all that money, total number of full time employees increased to 33,077 as of March 2012 from 32,467 as of December 31 2011. Cash wise, the company had a cash, cash equivalents, and short-term marketable securities of $49.3 billion.

For more information on the Q1 2012 results, head over to If you missed the earnings conference call, you can listen to it at

Source: Google

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