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Google Nexus 7 official accessories leaked, include Pogo dock, premium leather cover case

If you’re looking to accessorize that shiny Nexus 7 of yours, things just got a bit more interesting. Nordic Hardware just published information about upcoming official accessories for the N7.

One of them is a pogo dock which will connect to the tablet via the pins that are present on the side of it. It will feature a 3.5mm speaker line out and a micro USB connector. Be ready to shed $50 for it once it becomes available on August 24.

The other accessory goes by the name of ASUS Premium Cover. And it is a case made out of ‘genuine’ leather, surrounded with ‘sturdy fiber bumpers’ and a screen-protecting soft microfiber interior. It will be offered at $39.99 and will launch on August 31 with a choice of four colors (red, orange, brown and white). The travel case of the Nexus 7 in its many colors has also been shown in the slides. Here is to hoping other retailers will start carrying these accessories.

via Nordic Hardware | DL

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  • Mark Patrick Klyne

    Why do these covers not fold in order to prop up the tablet for better viewing? Does apple have a patent on that?