Google adds free voice calls to the Hangouts app

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It is about time Google! We have been asking for it and you delivered. You did take your time though, but you won’t hold that against you. Earlier today, Google announced via their blog that they added voice calls, voicemails to its Hangouts Android app (iOS too) for devices running Android 2.3 and higher. No more using two apps (Voice ann Hangouts), at least for me. I love Hangouts and I mostly use Google Voice to make international calls and scan out unwanted calls.

The cool thing with this update is the ability to call other people who also have the app for free as long as they’re in the US or Canada. I attempted to make an international call and you do get charged the rates used by Google Voice. This is really awesome guys ( I don’t know why I am so excited about this).

In order to get it to work the Hangouts Dialer to work, you will need to update Hangouts to version 2.3. In case you have not gotten it, you can grab the apkĀ HERE.

Download: Google Hangouts | Hangouts Dialer

via Google Blog