[Go Go Go] HTC Hot Deals lets you buy the Nexus 9 16GB for $199


Starting today and every Tuesday until the holidays are over, HTC will be offering some type of a deal on one of their products. Today is probably the best in my opinion. Why? They’re offering the newly released Nexus 9 fat 50% off. This is only good on the 16GB model though. You will end up paying $199, and that is for a limited time. If by any chance you don’t get in, HTC is offering $50 off the 16GB or 32GB models.

To take advantage of any of 2 deals, you need to purchase the Nexus 9 between 9 AM PST (noon EST) until 9 PM PST (midnight EST). Head to Twitter and follow hashtag #HTCHotDeals. the deal should be live at http://www.htc.com/us/go/htc-hot-deals/. In case you miss out, there will be another deal next week. The HTC Hot Deals promo is valid for US residents only by the way.

Because we want you to win, keep an eye on::

HTC Hot Deals

Good luck folks! let us know is you won by dropping a comment below.