Gingerbread update for the DROID Incredible gets postponed

Verizon Wireless announced not too long ago that the HTC Droid Incredible was going to get some Gingerbread love in the form of an OTA update sometimes around August 16. I am sorry to disappoint you but Big red has just reached out to customers with some bad news about the Android 2.3 update for the Dinc.

A post in Verizon Support forums claims that the OTA update has been delayed to conduct more testing before its releases to the public. Check it out:

Everyone, I apologize for the inconvenience, but the update has been delayed. Our product team is going through more testing. Once we know for sure when the update is coming, we will post more info.

Not cool at all… I might get burned for saying this but I think that HTC and Verizon are not doing a great job updating some of their devices and if you have a Thunderbolt, you’ll know what I am talking about…

via GottaBeMobile