Gingerbread update for HTC Thunderbolt to resume soon

Remember that Gingerbread update that Verizon Wireless started to deploy for the HTC Thunderbolt and then abruptly stopped the update? Well, it looks like things are about to change, again. Verizon has posted a newer change log for the HTC Thunderbolt update, again, so we’re inclined to believe that the update should be rolling out soon.

The updated PDF change log suggests that this new Gingerbread update will include a Full Dock Mode app, and a fix for the voicemail light issue that some people have been experiencing.

Once again, there’s no telling when this update will go live, or if it will be pulled again. The fact that the change log is up is a good indication that the update is coming soon.

We’ll let you know when things start rolling.

Source: Verizon, via AC