German Court Lifts Injunction for all Galaxy Tab 10.1 EU sales except Germany

By now we have all heard about the injunction that a German court placed on sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 throughout the European Union– and many have wondered what impact this would have on sales globally — but today, the regional court in Düsseldorf Germany has partially lifted this injunction for most countries in the EU. A spokesperson for the court in Germany, however, indicated that it is unclear if they even have the authority to ban sales from any other EU country, and that their jurisdiction may be limited only to Germany. Today’s ruling allows Samsung Electronics to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all European countries, but Samsung Germany (a branch of Samsung Electronics) is unable to make sales in Germany or anywhere else in the European Union. There has been no indication that Samsung will not appeal the ban, and we are expecting to see this appeal no later than August 25th. Courts in Australia are still reviewing the patent infringement claims that Apple has made against Samsung, halting sales there as well. While Apple seems prepared for battle, reports that surfaced yesterday calling Apple’s evidence “doctored” may give Samsung a new leg to stand on. Apple’s actions in the coming days, and their response to these allegations, may be telling of their true intentions and the future of these legal battles.

via WSJ