Galaxy S5 sales falls 40% of Samsung’s projections


The Wall Street Journal reports today that Samsung may be in hot waters following poor sales of its Galaxy S5. They sold 40% less than what they projected this year. Samsung was able to move 12 million S5s in the first 3 months, 4 million less than the Galaxy S4. Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S5 is doing great here in the U.S., even better than its predecessor. Samsung is having a hard time in other markets like China where they’re down 50 percent.

Things aren’t as bad as you may think. The Galaxy S5 is probably the best selling Android device of this year but it just didn’t meet the Samsung’s quotas. The Korean company promised its investors that they’re planning to radically revamp their upcoming flagship device -whatever that means.

The WSJ is also speculating that Samsung’s CEO JK Shin may be replaced by his co-CEO of TV and appliances. It is normal for members of the media to start such rumors following a screw-up of a major company. Shin has done more good than bad for Samsung. He may get another shot to prove his worth.

My advice to Samsung is to listen to their customers/fans. In order for the upcoming flagship handset to be successful, they may need to re-think their approach to Android with a slimmer and less overwhelming UI.

via WSJ