Video: Samsung delivers another awesome Galaxy S II commercial, more people get Samsunged!

Continuing with their media assault against Apple’s iPhone, Samsung has released another Galaxy S II commercial that mocks both the iPhone and some of the people who use it. In the latest ad, a couple with a Galaxy S II visits the coffee shop where the famous barista from the first commercial works. When a group of iPhone fanboys enter the coffee shop with exciting plans to go camping. The couple with the Galaxy S II use their phone to quickly find camping locations thanks to the fast 4G speeds on the Galaxy S II. We later find out that the iPhone fans aren’t actually going camping, but are going urban camping for an iPhone by waiting in line. Talk about getting Samsunged!

I’m looking forward to what Samsung has in store for Super bowl weekend. By the way these Galaxy S II commercials have been going, I expect a good that tops all of these on Super Bowl Sunday!

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