Is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus no longer launching on December 9?

Could the Verizon Galaxy Nexus not launch on December 9? Yesterday, we posted a screen shot of Verizon’s equipment guide for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that showed a release date of December 9. We also posted another document obtained by Engadget that posted a release date of December 9. Today, the equipment guide page for the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have a launch date listed anymore. Instead it simply displays “launch date coming soon.”

Verizon Galaxy Nexus now listed as "coming soon"

No official word from Verizon on the issue (after all, they never announced the phone, so technically, it’s not even delayed). Some people are saying that the delay could be related to a 4G LTE issue that has suddenly been identified on the Droid RAZR. Some Droid RAZR owners have been reporting that they have been receiving “Sim Card Authorization Error” messages. After receiving the error message, users no longer have access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

I should note that not all RAZR owners are experiencing this issue and that Verizon Wireless is aware of the issue.

I guess we’ll be finding out if the phone will indeed be launching on Friday. We’ll be posting more information as we receive it.

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