Firefox 4 For Android Official Release

Finally!! After months of trying to get the Firefox browser version stable, Firefox 4 for Android has just been released today with full HTML 5 support, running the same as the PC version and offers add-ons as well. In fact, the Mozilla browser has been in the Android market as a beta version for a little while until today when they decided to officially announce its release on Android.

This is what Firefox 4 is bringing to the table:

  • Full Screen View and full HTML 5 support
  • HTML5 support in Firefox for Android and Maemo includes location-aware browsing, device orientation, accelerometer, desktop notification
  • Put the Web center stage with one-touch bookmarking, tabbed browsing and conveniently stowed away controls
  • Firefox Sync
  • Access your history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across all your computers and mobile devices
  • Add-ons
  • Customizable features

Check out the video if you want to see highlights of what Firefox 4 for android has to offer:

This version of Firefox does not support Flash which can be a big downer for such a nice browser. Will you still use it even without Flash support? Let us know..

Download Firefox 4 for Android

via Mozilla