Face For Wear leaves beta, brings sexy to your smartwatch


I have been a member of the Face For Wear beta app since it launched. I pretty much followed the whole development which started back in August. This app is somewhat similar to Facer. It gives you the ability to build your own faces or simply pick one or more of the many that are available.

According to its developer, ‘Boxcrab Studios’, Face For Wear is ‘s simple as using a light switch.’ Once you open the app, you pick your favorite watch face, download it, go to ‘My Themes’ and then push it to your smartwatch. Building a face needs a little bit more work, patience and taste. If you’re able to create a Face Pack, you can list it on Google Play to sell or give it out for free. Talking about free, check out the D2N face below – it is included within the app.


The app is still a working progress. Features like a dashboard options and theme settings are listed as ‘coming soon.’ Boxcrab Studios encourages you to submit your feedback via the Play Store or blog. For more information, head to FaceForWear.comGoogle+ page or Reddit . Hit the link below to give it a try.

Play Store