Dual-SIM Galaxy Note 2 heading to China

A special version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is heading to China. According to Chinese site My Drivers, Samsung is getting ready to release a dual-SIM Galaxy Note 2 for the Chinese market.

The new Galaxy Note 2 will feature the same specs as the one that was announced in Berlin during IFA 2012. The only difference will be the number of SIM cards it supports. If you pop off the back cover, you will have a slot for a regular-sized SIM card and also one for a micro SIM.

The dual-SIM Galaxy Note 2 will be available on China Telecom. Unfortunately, pricing or release date wasn’t made available.

In some countries, dual-SIM phones are very popular. They are popular because carriers offer different rates and service isn’t available everyone by one carrier, so multiple SIM are needed, especially if you travel a lot.

Source: My Drivers | via AC