Download SoundHound Infinity free from the Amazon AppStore

Today, Amazon is giving away SoundHoud Infinity as its free premium app of the day download in the Amazon AppStore. The app usually sells for $4.99, but today, it can be yours free.

SoundHound Infinity is one of those music discovery apps, just like Shazam. There have been countless situations where I heard a song that I really liked and didn’t know who the artist was. Instead of just enjoying the sound and never knowing who the artists was, you can now use SoundHound.

In order to identify a song, simply let SoundHound Infinity hear a sample of the song, and in as little as 4 seconds, the name of the song and artist is returned to you.

What’s really sets SoundHound Infinity apart fro its competitors is that it also discovers music that you sing, whistle, and hum to it. This is a nice feature to have because sometimes when you want to remember the name of the song, you won’t have it blasting in the background.

Head on over the Amazon AppStore and download SoundHound Infinity free!

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