[Download] OnePlus One XNPH38R update now rolling out, brings RAW mode, improved battery life

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My favorite Android phone, the OnePlus One, is now receiving a brand spanking new update. I personally have not received it but was able to flash it via recovery. It brings a slew of much needed improvements and bug fixes.

If your OPO has been suffering from touchscreen issues, expect them to be gone. Prior to receiving the update, I had issues with pinch to zoom and typing- Swiftkey’s flow feature was acting up when I try to type fast with 2 hands. It is now gone. Here is the full changelog:

  • Added method for users to report bugs directly to Cyanogen.
  • Added pause button during video recording.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Fixed issues with camera exposure compensation stuck in ‘auto’.
  • Fixed issues with ‘4G Preferred’ option not connecting to 3G data.
  • Fixed issues with delay in torch activation.
  • Fixed issues with unresponsive screen requiring reboot.
  • Fixed issues with static in speaker when changing volume while headset plugged in.
  • Fixed issues with rotation not triggering when rotated slowly.
  • Fixed issues with Quiet Hours / system UI causing battery drain on last day of month.
  • Fixed issues with camera not starting when LED torch is already on.
  • Fixed issues with Bluetooth volume low on connection.

In addition, OnePlus reports the addition of the RAW mode within the camera app, ANT+ support, music playback resolution enhanced to support 24 bit, 6/192khz—flac/alac/wav files without resampling. The overall size of the update is 206MB. If you have not received it yet and are the impatient type, hit the link below to download it. You can simply flash it via recovery and then re-root or use adb sildeload.

Download: “cm-bacon-3628510d76-to-ac1ccf7921-signed

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