Download: Droid RAZR’s Smart Actions app for your Droid Bionic

If you’re a Droid Bionic owner, there’s some good news for you. Motorola’s popular Smart Actions app, which allows you to automate a lot of tasks you currently do with your smartphone, can now be installed on the Droid RAZR. Previously, Smart Actions was only available on the Droid RAZR series of phones. The app was modified to work on the Droid Bionic and released to the public by Twitter user Dana Davis.

With Smart Actions, you can do things like turn on Wi-Fi when you get home, or launch your favorite app music app when you get to the gym, or turn down your ringer and put your phone on vibrate when you’re getting ready for bed. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you’re a Droid Bionic owner and would like to get Smart Actions on your phone, you can easily download it here. In order for it to install, you must have your phone set to install non-market applications.

Download: SmartActions.apk

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