Disney Pixar and Imangi Studio team up to release Temple Run: Brave

If you’re a fan of Temple run, then you’re going to like the new version of the game that they released today. In conjunction with Imangi Studios, Disney has released Temple Run: Brave, a new version of the game based on the upcoming animated motion picture by Disney Pixar. The gameplay is the same as the original Temple Run, except that now you’re in control of Princess Merida and are running in the forest in a daring attempt to escape from the evil Elinor. In addition to running, jumping, and sliding, you now also have the ability to shoot (Merida is a skilled archer).

The game is currently available in the Google Play store and is only selling for $1. If you’re a fan of the original Temple Run, I recommend that you head over to the Google Play store purchase Temple Run: Brave.

Mobile viewing link

[qrcode size=”150″]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.disney.brave_google[/qrcode]
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