[Deal] Amazon Fire Phone 32GB unlocked sans contract and one year of Prime membership $199


Amazon is now offering the Fire Phone unlocked with 32GB of on-board storage for $199, and that’s without a contract. We all probably saw this one coming. This is what we thought Amazon should have priced this phone from the-get-go. This phone is complicated. Android purists think it is a gimmicky phone while others see as legitimate handset to make calls, play games, shop at Amazon and more. So we will not bash it simply because we’re Android fanatics.

In term of specs and for $200, this phone isn’t so bad. Well actually, you will be netting it for for $100. Because included with it is a FREE year of Amazon Prime Membership which is worth $100. So for $100, you’re getting 4.7-inch HD LCD display, 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization, 2.1MP front camera, 32GB of internal storage, 2,400 mAh battery and Fire OS (atop of Android).

U.S. Compatibility: All GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, MetroPCS, Brightspot, Simple Mobile, Mobal, Net10, Straight Talk, h20 Wireless, and OneSimCard.

This device is not compatible with Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular.

For $200, or $100 if you factor in the Amazon Prime membership, this phone isn’t a bad choice if you can get over the Fire OS which can be pretty overwhelming for some. Hit the links below if interested.