Corning shows us what the future could look like with their “A Day Made in Glass 2” video

When you hear about the company Corning, the first thing that comes to mind is probably their Gorilla Glass. After all, the popular scratch-proof glass is currently being used on millions of of phones all over the world. You also probably know that Corning is also working on Gorilla Glass 2, a stronger and lighter version of the popular glass.

In addition to their Gorilla Glass, Corning wants us all to know what the future could look like with their newest “A Day Made in Glass” video. This is the second video that Corning released that gives us a glimpse of the future, the future of glass and technology, at least.

Yes, many of it is just concept at the moment, but not all. During CES 2012, Samsung showed off their smart window made out of transparent LCD. If the transparent LCD can become a reality, then all of the other items in the video below have a shot, too!

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Click here to view “A Day Made in Glass (part 1)”