Confirmed: The AT&T Nexus 6 sports the carrier’s logo on the back and boot animation


As we all feared, AT&T has indeed slapped it’s logo on the back of the Nexus 6. Like seriously, why did you have to do that?

Wait. That’s not all. AT&T also included their boot animation along with the Google one. I am actually one of their customers who decided to give them a shot after being off contract for years. I must say that I’m disappointed.

Sure you can unlock the bootloader (it is unlockable by the way), root and flash the Google Play Store Nexus 6 factory image. But why do I have to do it?

XDA member “HCDroid” posted pictures of his AT&T Nexus 6 and voiced his disappointment with his findings (link below).

What do you guys think? What if AT&T gets involved in future OS updates?

My phone is going back. Lesson learned.



AT&T Nexus 6 Retail Box