Comscore: Samsung, Google still leading the U.S. mobile market

comScore released their quarterly report about smartphone market share. For the period ending May 2012, Samsung and Android are still leading the pack in the top mobile OEM and smartphone OS categories.

As far as top smartphone platforms are concerned, Android is once again ahead of all of the other operating systems with a large 50.9% market share. Apple is second with a 31.9% share followed by RIM, Microsoft and Symbian with 11.4%, 4% and 1% market shares respectively. Apple saw the largest increase in the last quarter with 1.7%; Google on the other hand was close to a 1% increase.

Samsung remains king of smartphone and non-smartphone vendors in the US with an impressive 25.7% market share. LG comes in second with a comfortable 19.1% share, followed by Apple with a 15% market share. Motorola and HTC are last with 12% and 6.1% shares respectively.

We expect Samsung’s portion of the current US market to increase during the month of July thanks to the launch of its flagship device, the Galaxy S III.

via comScore