#BoycottApple is trending on Google+ and Twitter, are you joining the movement?

As you all know by now, Samsung was hit with two sales bans on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus. Both of the rulings were made by judge Lucy Koh at a US District Court in California.

As an avid Google+ user, I noticed that the hashtag #BoycottApple was all over the place. Folks are voicing their disgust with how Apple is using its patents to kill its competition, in this case Samsung and Google.

Google announced earlier this week that the Galaxy Nexus would be the first phone to be updated to of the latest version of Android OS, also known as Jelly Bean. The injunction ordered by judge Koh will ban the Gnex from being sold in the US meaning that Apple has taken an early swing at Google’s most advanced mobile operating system yet.

I am not sure  how effective this social protest will be,  but it is great to see tech fans voicing their concern about how Apple’s patent abuse is hurting innovation. If you want to join the trend, head to Google+ and speak out. The hashtag is trending on Twitter as well for those of you who prefer tweeting.

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