Both Sony Google TV products gets rooted, streaming on sites like Hulu, NBC, ABC now possible

Sony Google TV owners, the day that you’ve been waiting for is finally hear. After waiting for months, root has been achieved on both the Sony Internet Blu-ray player and the Sony Google TV. Actually getting your devices to obtain root won’t be an easy task (sorry, no one-click method here); you will need to have 4 USB flash drives with at least 512MB of storage, access to a Windows or Linux machine, some patience, and the ability to perform some simple commands.

Once rooted, your Sony Google TV unit will become more powerful than it previously was. You will be able to do things like stream content from websites such as Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS, websites that block access to their streams when visited via Google TV. The website trick is possible thanks to a modified version of Flash Player that generates a random per flash string for content provider bypass.

After obtaining root, you will gain the following perks:

  • Modified flash plugin with random per box flash string for Content Provider Bypass.
  • Crippled update feature to prevent box from receiving automatic updates.
  • Completely RW system, cache, and rootfs partitions
  • Full ADB Root
  • Removed signature checks on kernel / init scripts / init binary
  • A few other surprises.
  • BETA: Enable NTFS Support for Sony Google TV devices

Before you go ahead and get things started, you should know that rooting any of your Sony Google TV products voids your warranty. This root method will also completely wipe your device, so keep that in mind. If you’re worried about ever going back to stock, don’t worry because if you absolutely have to, there are instructions on how to restore your Sony Google TV product back to stock.

If you’re feeling brave and would like to use your Sony Google TV product the way to should’ve been from the beginning, you should head to GTV Hacker for complete instructions on how to to root the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray and Sony Internet TV.

Source: GTV Hacker | via Droid Life, The Verge

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