[Black Friday] The HTC RE Camera now available at Best Buy for $99 (50% OFF)


We’re not sure if this is a mistake or not but Best Buy is now offering the HTC RE Camera for $99 which 50% off the normal price of $199. The sale is supposed to start at 9 PM later on today as per HTC. Best Buy probably didn’t get the memo. This gives you first dibs at this deal. Just a heads up, the price is still showing $199 over HTC’s own online store.

I just bought one to review and hopefully to use during my son’s soccer games. It is very portable and I already played with it during an HTC event a couple of months back. Spec-wise, it has a 16MP camera with ultra wide angle (1080p recording), has a microSD slot (comes with an 8GB card), Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 820 mAh battery and is IP57 (dust & water resistant) certified.

Best Buy currently only has the white and an exclusive blue/navy colors

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