Best Buy now selling the Sprint Nexus 6 for $200 on contract, $100 less than Sprint

sprint-nexus-6-best buy

Best Buy customers can now order the Sprint Nexus 6 for $200 ($100 cheaper than Sprint) on contract or $699 without. This is the first Nexus 6 variant that the retailer is now offering. We suspect that the AT&T model will be available soon, and hopefully the unlocked model as well.

Just like AT&T and T-Mobile, Sprint is also offering the Midnight Blue 32GB Nexus 6. So far, the only option given is to pick it up at a Best Buy store near you. It also looks like they’re out of stock at this point but you can keep checking if you’re interested in buying it from Best Buy.

If $100 worth of savingsĀ on the Sprint Nexus 6 is appealing to you, Best Buy may be the way to go.

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