Best Buy expecting more HP Touchpad shipments

If you are still in the market for the HP Touchpad and haven’t had a chance to grab one while there were available, we have just learned that Best Buy stores all over the country are getting shipments of the bargain tablet. Best Buy employees aren’t even aware when the Touchpad shipments arrive and they’re instructed, as you know, to tell folks that they don’t have any in stock. The memo you see above instructs employees to print out a form which allows customers use to fill out their information in order to get contacted if any Touchpad tablets become available.

As you all know, a couple of Android-powered Touchpad tablets have popped up around the web and a system dump has already been made available to developers. We have also heard that only 150 out the thousands Touchpad sold  were running on Android 2.2.1. It shouldn’t be too long until we will be able to run our favorite OS on the HP tablet.

HP is also supposed to replenish their stock sometimes next week which means that there are still Touchpads out there….


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  • Guest

    Umm, check the DATE on the message (to the left):  8-24.   Those shipments have been going out all week.

  • Guest

    Umm, check the DATE on the message (to the left):  8-24.   Those shipments have been going out all week.

  • Skeptic

     check the dates again.  the top most recent message has a date of  11/26. I’m not sure you can read anything into those dates except that this employee doesn’t read their messages.

    • Ayshplaysh

      It clearly says 08/26/11

  • Tired of clueless people

    Read, people.  Over on the left side, you see the partial message header “Ticket Process and Phone”, the exact same thing as the message on the right, AND IT HAS A FREAKING DATE OF 8/24!  The top message (the one that says 8/26) is something about cameras.

    I know you fools are desperate to get more Touchpads, but try to at least get your facts straight.

  • First off there are no messages from 11/26. I am not sure where you are getting that from, but it is 8/26. 11/26 isn’t even here. Second, those dates have nothing to do with employees reading their messages. These are system generated & pop up as new information comes in related to anything in the store. Third, forget any of the dates dealing with the Touchpad.

    Best Buy had some inventory in this Wed & Fri on the truck. Some stores got them & just sold them to whomever was in the store at that time. This was actually before that message came out for some stores.

    Lastly, Best Buy does have more Touchpads in their warehouses (not the store warehouse) We’ve seen one district warehouse with 100. Now as far as what they do with them at the time of this post is anyone’s guess. Even with that number above, stores inventory system still shows a deleted SKU, none on hand, none available & none in transit. Of course this could change any day.

    However, if you don’t hear an automated message when you call that Best Buy is out (as a company) then they aren’t out. Obviously they need to get rid of all inventory, so they are probably figuring out how to do that. My guess is for instance the district with 100… divide them up to all of the stores & do the ticket system. Kind of like a black friday deal where you stand in line.

    They could possibly put them in the ad one week, & on Sunday you line up to get them. I am not sure how long in advanced they would need to do this for printing reasons, but it could very well be done & they could hold on to all of that inventory until they decide what’s best to do.

    All I can say is to keep checking because it is a fact that they are not 100% out of inventory as a company.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that this memo is late and it’s talking about the Friday/Saturday shipments that were happening this weekend. 

    There were lots of people reporting lining up this morning and getting tickets at Best Buy.  About 60 touchpads available at many stores.

    Still couldn’t hurt keeping an eye out for some late trucks though.

    Keep an eye out for too as they probably have hundreds of thousands of Touchpads ready to be sold on the website. They probably still have shipments coming in from overseas.

  • Best Buy Employee

    Best Buy employee here: The full article that it refers to was posted on 8/24.  In the full article it said that THAT WEEK all stores would be receiving their FINAL shipment of Touchpads and would not be receiving anymore.  That Friday Best Buy stores would receive their FINAL (clearing out warehouse) shipment of accessories (mostly cases).  Best Buy has cleared their warehouses for the most part, if any stores have them it’s due to not selling them, not because of continued stock replenishment.

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