Bank Of America Android app receives update with improved check depositing and more


Bank Of America pushed a new update to its Android application, updating its version to 6.0.2. I have been using it for years now to check my balances, pay my bills and deposit checks. This app makes it so easy to cash out on those checks you have laying around. an while that sounds fine and dandy, taking a picture of check often required me to find a flat surface with good lighting and even with that, it didn’t work all the time. Thankfully, this little hiccup has been addressed, and now it is a breeze to deposit a check using the app.

This the full changelog for the 6.0.2 update:

  • A Sign Out button is now on the Accounts screen
  • Navigation buttons are more responsive when tapped
  • Check deposit images are captured easier
  • Scheduled one-time transfers can be edited
  • Sending money to someone using your device‚Äôs contacts is now easier
  • Help & Support now includes troubleshooting tips
  • Minor enhancements, fixes


If you haven’t updated your Bank Of America app yet, we have the Play store link for you below.

Play Store