AT&T’s HTC One X has a locked bootloader unlike other variants

The folks at MoDaCo were able to uncover something quite disappointing about the AT&T variant of the HTC One X. Paul Obrien attempted to unlock the bootloader for the HTC handset via HTCDev but wasn’t able to do so on his review unit. He added that other AT&T retail units have showed the same result which is a “MID ERROR 160″ message. Amazingly, this didn’t happen on the One X variants from Europe and Canada (Rogers). This led us to think that AT&T is probably, “intentionally,” making this phone unlockable. If you are into flashing custom ROMs and want to grab this phone on May 6, you may want to wait for HTC to come up with a solution or simply order the unlocked version. Are you disappointed?

via MoDaCo