AT&T will be taking pre-orders Nexus 6 pre-orders tomorrow


AT&T is set to take Nexus 6 pre-orders starting tomorrow in stores and online. The carrier finally breaks its silence and secrecy about the phone.

AT&T pretty much confirmed our report from yesterday. The Nexus 6 will sell for $249 when yo using a 2-year contract. The outright price is $682.99 and that will probably come with shipping. Fans of the AT&T Next program can purchase the handset by paying $28.46 a month with AT&T Next 18 and $34.15 a month with AT&T Next 12.

AT&T mentions that you can save $50 if you buy the N6 and a Moto 36, Moto Sliver II or Moto Hint. If you think that $682.99 is higher than what the phone is selling for in the Play Store, it is but only by $20.98. Get that wallet ready as Nexus 6 pre-orders open at midnight CST (1PM EST).

Will you be staying up to pre-order?

via AT&T