AT&T wants to know if you want a Galaxy Nexus

If you are an AT&T customer (like myself) and want to get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you may head to their Google+ page and request it. AT&T has actually asked their fans the following question:

Out of curiosity how many of you are interested in the Galaxy Nexus?

We’re not sure if, at this point, AT&T has secured the G-Nex or not but it won’t hurt to actually let them know that you want to see it on their network. Verizon has definitely the exclusivity to carry it but I am pretty sure that AT&T folks would also want to get their hands on it without having to actually switch to Big Res.

If you would like to let AT&T know, head to their Google+ page, post a comment and +1 it.

Source Google+
via Android Guys