AT&T tweet says you can pre-order the Nexus 6 today


The Nexus 6 sold out within minutes once it became available in the Play Store. Many Android fans including myself are disappointed about how Google handled the whole pre-ordering process. The general consortium is that we may see it on November 12 – at least from T-Mobile. AT&T is the other carrier that is set to offer the phone. As usual, they like to wait, and make us wait before they announce anything.

About 4 hours ago, AT&T Care responded to an AT&T customer asking about when they’ll offer the Nexus 6. This is their response:

The link given by Ma Bell directs to the Nexus 6 page which has been the same for a little while. They also posted another response.

We’re told that the Nexus 6 will sell for $199 on contract. If that it the route you want to go, keep checking this page.

Are planning to buy the Nexus 6 from a carrier or from Google Play?

via Reddit