AT&T rumored to start throttling data speeds, what else is new?

According to Gizmodo, AT&T is secretly getting ready to throttle data speeds for its heaviest data users. This new measure will apply to current folks who stayed grandfathered into the old unlimited data plans. So if you thought you had it made with the unlimited data plan, you were wrong!

The way this throttling plan will work is that once data hoarders reach a certain limit, claimed to be between 2GB and 4GB, AT&T will significantly drop their data speeds during their billing cycle. Normal speeds will return at the beginning of the following one. Currently, 5% of all AT&T customers are considered heavy users although I am not sure what criteria was used to qualify them as such.

I am not sure if I am big fan of this throttling thing, but I hope that it will be done in a way where everyone is treated fairly. We should also thank iPhone users for making this possible…

via Gizmodo