AT&T launches its 4G LTE network in 3 new markets

If you’re an AT&T customer with a 4G LTE device in Fort Myers, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding counties, there’s some good news for you. Today, AT&T announced that it has turned on the 4G LTE switch in all three of these markets. With these three new markets, AT&T’s LTE network is now available in over 78 markets.

With LTE now turned on in these three new markets, customers will be able to take advantage of the fast data speeds that are available on the new 4G network.

So, if you’re in Knoxville, Tulsa, or Fort Myers, check your device for that 4G and let us know what type of speeds you’re getting by leaving a message below.

Source: AT&T 1, 2, 3