AT&T News: Updates Coming in April to Enable HSUPA for The Atrix + Inspire 4G Phones

People have been asking AT&T about the reasons why the Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G have HSUPA disabled, it looks like they will be releasing one during the month of April and they also announced that the Samsung Infuse 4G will come with HSUPA enabled in a discussion on their Facebook page.

Of course, we will have to wait and see if AT&T will live up to their promises, remember the Samsung Captivate, but I think that they will do it this time because of the bad advertising they have been having about the upload speed capping issue. If you don’t already know, Motorola is also planning to release an update for the Atrix 4G, unrelated to the HSUPA issue, to fix some other issues that are not disclosed yet.

So after a whole month of petitioning against AT&T and spreading the word about the issue, I really hope it has done something to push the number one carrier to do something about enabling HSUPA in their 4G phones so we can finally enjoy them!

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  • And also…they never specifically stated that the ATRIX’s will be an HSUPA fix, although you would feel like it is implied by your post.

    • Matt Artelt

      THANK YOU! Nowhere in that message does AT&T state they will be enabling HSUPA on the Atrix in April. IN FACT, on Motorola’s own support website a Motorola employee explicitly stated that HSUPA will NOT be included in the update that will be released shortly. See here:

      • @Matt,
        BGR was able to confirm that this update will enable HSUPA by one their AT&T contacts!

      • Ya, the update that is in beta will not have HSUPA…but this talking about another update.
        Asides from BGR confirming it, they replied about updates on a post asking about this infers HSUPA update. Also, they mention the Samsung Infuse 4G is shipping with HSUPA enabled, so this also infers that their post is talking about HSUPA.

  • FNugget

    I hope they realize this will be the definitive dealbreaker.

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