The ASUS ZenWatch is nowhere to be found at Best Buy on launch day (updated)


ASUS announced last week that the ZenWatch will launch on November 9 with Best Buy being first to carry it. To our surprise, the watch was nowhere to be found either in-store or at It doesn’t even have a proper SKU, and is nonexistent in all off Best Buy’s systems. This is a disappointing if you ask us. We don’t understand why would ASUS make an official announcement and not have their product ready for consumption.

The ZenWatch is probably the best looking square smartwatch in the market. Its price tag of $199 makes is a very attractive option to the newly announced G Watch R ($299) and the Moto 360 ($249).  Spec-wise, it packs a Snapdragon 400, 4GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM, 1.63-inch AMOLED display, Bluetooth and more. It also comes with 100 watch faces and a double-tap feature to find your phone.

We reached out to ASUS to find out what’s going on. Stay tuned.

Update: One of our readers pointed out that the ZenWatch is listed as unavailable (out of stock) at Best Buy. See picture below.


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  • dswatson83

    I looked everywhere. I can’t believe Asus is quite and not saying anything

    • Zack Nebbaki

      I emailed them this morning. Here is to hoping.

      • Scribbious

        Asus has been totally unresponsive and silent since THEY posted that it would be available at BestBuy on Nov 9 at $199. I would think that some higher ups at one company or the other would be contacting the other to try to remove some of the egg from their respective faces.

  • Lance Meyer
  • jeanmarc

    Can’t find it anywhere….even on BB!

  • Henil Patel

    Best Buy going to be sell this for $229!

  • jeanmarc

    still no available… Interesting for something which was supposed to launch yesterday!!!

  • zeke177

    I work at best buy and it isn’t in our system as availavble. The only thing it says is that it is not it atock .

  • Jay

    I work for Best Buy and did not see the item anywhere. Still, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • jjchilds

    Now the price has gone up to $229

  • Jav

    Looks like you can add it to the cart at BB now but it’s still listed at $229

  • mitchellvii

    Hey guys, this is Bestbuy. You actually expected them to get this right? The odd part is no one at ASUS or Bestbuy seems in the least bit concerned that they have lied to us with zero explanations forthcoming.

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