Apple takes its lawsuits to Japan, sues Samsung over iPhone and iPad patent violations

If you thought that Apple was going to stop the legal battle with Samsung in Australia or Europe, you better think again. Reuters is reporting that the Cupertino giant is taking Samsung to court in Japan over the patent violations related to the iPhone and iPad.

The news was reported by Japan’s Kyodo news agency, citing unnamed sources. According to sources, Apple is seeking the halt of the halt of Samsung’s Galaxy S Smartphone and also seeking about $1.3 million in damages. The first hearing was held on Wednesday in a Tokyo District Court. Neither Samsung or Apple have yet to comment about the new lawsuit in Japan.

There you have it, the company that claimed to lead with innovation is now trying to lead with lawsuits.

For a good laugh, here are some of the top comments on Engadget regarding this new lawsuit.

Kevin wrote:

iSue….Top grossing app in the App Store…

Oscar wrote:

This is getting fucking embarassing! Perhaps Apple should sue ZTE (they’re getting big) and Sony Ericsson while they’re at it so they can battle all the big phone companies. Hell they could sue Telia for being the first 4G (actual 4G=LTE) network in the world. I believe that’s infringing on the name Ipod/Iphone 4g(eneration).

Someday I hope to read that LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung, and Google sue Apple for 1300 patent infringements across 40 countries or so, just to put them in their place. Wouldn’t mind if Microsoft and Nokia joined in on that sweet litigation against Apple either. I, as a consumer, do not want to be fucked because Steve Jobs/Tim Cook are running out of ideas.

Dino wrote:

Apple is on a roll. Roll of weed that is. Next thing we know, Apple will be suing the penguins in Antartica for choosing Linux.

David wrote:

Kim Jong Il is actually on the board of Apple. It explains why Apple is so evil.

Source: Reuters, via Engadget