[APK] Google Calendar 5.0 is up for grabs

Google-Calendar-5.0-1 Screenshot_2014-11-04-21-41-09 Screenshot_2014-11-04-21-41-14
If you’re already enjoying Gmail 5.0 and want to get more Lollipop goodness, you need to check out the new Calendar 5.0 app with Material Design goodness all over it. I looks really nice guys – don’t bother looking for it in the Play Store because it is not there.

Google has definitely outdone themselves with the new Calendar app. It is smarter, faster than before. One of my favorite features is when you fill in your calendar. For example, you want to remind yourself to make a reservation at your favorite Italian restaurant. As soon as you type in the word ‘reservation’, the app suggests the word ‘at’ and then a nearby restaurant. If you have an email about your flight reservation, it automatically shows up in the Google Calendar.


Another feature that is worth noting is the way you view the calendar.You can set it to see your schedule, day and 5 days. The 7 day option can only be seen when the phone is landscape mode and on tablets – the 30-day view is only available in tablets. In addition, you will also see pictures and snippets of maps correspondent to whatever event you have scheduled.

If you want to give ht en Calendar 5.0 a try, hit the download link below and install the APK.