“Android update IML77” now rolling out to soak testers, bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Motorola Xoom

Motorola has been known for running soak tests on their products where they pick a small number of testers to try out upcoming updates before releasing them to the general public. When Moto announced their “secret project,” everyone, including us, has been wondering if the update will bring Android 4.0 to the Xoom.

Thanks some courageous testers who are actually bound by a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), we can finally confirm that the IML77 update definitely brings Ice Cream Sandwich to the Motorola Xoom, making it the second Android tablet, after the ASUS Transformer Prime, to receive the software bump. Motorola started the update roll out around 9PM PST. Only the project participants will receive the update which means that the rest of the Xoom owners will have to wait until this testing is over.

Judging from past Motorola Soak tests, we think that the IML77 upgrade will be released in the beginning of next week. Verizon Xoom owners will have to wait for their turn while the Wi-Fi version users are enjoying their ICS.

Check out the gallery below for more details.