Android trojan found to record conversations

According to the folks at ZDnet, a new type of Android trojan has been found not only to get into call logs but also record full phone conversations. Crazy isn’t it?

Once downloaded in to your device, the trojan will ask for a bunch of permissions such as:

  • Hardware controls: record audio
  • Phone calls: Intercept outgoing calls, read phone state and identity
  • System tools: prevent phone from sleeping

Folks who make the mistake of giving the green light to the permissions above, will allow the trojan to install a configuration file that can be accessed remotely by “individuals with bad intentions”. It will then access the .AMR files stores in the MicroSD card, which is where phone conversations are recorded.

We advise you to always keep an eye when installing an app especially when it asks you for a whole lot on unnecessary permissions because very important and private information are shared on daily basis on phone conversations.

Source CA Community