Android is now the most desired OS in the U.S.

According to a new survey by Nielsen, Android is the most desired smartphone OS in the United States. It is the market leader in the U.S. with 37% market share, 50% of people who purchased a smartphone in the past 6 months got an Android, and 33% of those who are planning on purchasing a smartphone are choosing an Android phone.

During January 2011 – March 2011, 31 percent of consumers who planned on getting a smartphone said that their next smartphone would be an Android device. That number increased 7 percentage points from July-September 2010. Apple, who was the leader of the same survey back in July-September 2010 with 33% of those surveyed choosing an iPhone as their next smartphone fell to second place for January-March 2011 with 30% stating that their next phone would be a iPhone.

The decision to get a Blackberry fell to 11% in 2011 from 13% in July-September 2010.

Android became the most desired smartphone OS in the US with 33% of people deciding that their next smartphone will be Android powered

Half of the people surveyed in March who bought a smartphone during the previous 6 months indicated that they bought an Android phone. Apple was second with 25% of those surveyed choosing an iPhone, and RIM was third with 15% surveyed choosing a Blackberry device.

50% of people who bought a smartphone within the past 6 months chose an Android device.

Last but not least, as of March 2011, 37% of people who owned a smartphone owned an Android powered smartphone. Apple and RIM trailed with 27% and 22%, respectively.

Android continues to dominate the U.S. smartphone market with 37% market share.

via NielsenWire