Android Expected to Dominate The Mobile Market With a 45% Share

ABI Research claims that Google’s Android OS will lead the smartphone shipments by operating system market in 2016 with a whooping 45% share.

Over 69 million smartphones have been sold in 2010 and that number is expected to increase in the upcoming 5 years to make Google’s own operating system number one among the other ones. Nokia’s recent drop of their Symbian OS is going to leave an unoccupied market share which Android, BADA (Samsung OS) and RIM (BlackBerry) will have to compete for.

Apple’s iOS will hold a 19% market in 2016 which will be a 3% increase from 2010 and RIM might loose some momentum going from 16% in 2010 to 14% in 2016, according to ABI Research.

ABI’s analysts also claim that BADA will be successful in 2016 with a 10% market share, a 8.5% increase from 2010. Finally, Windows Phone 7 is expected to take around 7% of the market in 2016 largely because of their recent agreement with Nokia.

So there you have it Android fans, Android is going to dominate the OS market in the next five years!

via ABI Research