Android 4.1 Jelly Bean now available for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus without LTE

We have just got done reporting about the system dump for the GSM Galaxy Nexus being up for grabs. RootzWiki developer jdkoreclipse has been hard at work coming up with a Jelly Bean build for the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Nexus (Toro) with one downside: you will have to give up LTE for 3G.

This non-official build has been developed with the use of a nandroid backup of the Android 4.1 preview build which was pushed at Google I/O. Remember that you will be doing this at your own risk and that DroidMatters or RootzWiki are NOT responsible for any damages that you may cause to your device. If you’re feeling adventurous, hit the source link below.

And if you want to enable 3G on you Gnex, go to settings >wireless and networks >more >mobile network > select CDMA > reboot.

via RootzWiki